San Francisco Bay Area Biochemical Assessment

Biochemical Assessment

Bay Area California Biochemical AssessmentBiochemical assessment of a patient at the OBC may include testing for genetic, nutritional, hormonal, infectious, and toxic agents that can all have a profound influence on the brain. Many people are unaware of how critical these issues are to optimal brain health. If a person is deficient in even one critical nutrient or hormone, it can have a negative effect on brain function, and there are many infections and toxins that go straight to the brain.

Some people inherit genes that make their brain susceptible to toxins, oxidative stress, and low neurotransmitter levels. We can test for these critical genes and find out which ones are mutated or missing. Although we cannot change your DNA, if we find significant mutations, we can give proper supplements to help the body compensate for the missing or altered gene, which allows the brain to function much better.

Many people assume that if they eat a relatively healthy diet their nutrition is adequate for optimal brain function. However, this is often not true. For example, some people inherit a need for more-than-average levels of B vitamins, such as methyl B12 and methyl folate, in order to make proper levels of neurotransmitters. And many diets are not giving the brain what it needs to recover from injury or illness.

The right supplements can make a huge difference in how a patient’s brain feels and functions. If medications are still needed, of course we can prescribe them.

Hormones affect almost every aspect of brain function, but hormone levels decline with age, stress, and injury. Traumatic brain injuries can cause damage to the master hormone gland in the brain – the pituitary gland – which causes a cascade of hormone deficiencies in the body that can cause a great deal of suffering and disability. Proper testing for hormones – such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, and HGH – and replacing them to normal levels can have a huge impact on optimal brain function.

Many microorganisms can infect the brain and cause symptoms mimicking many psychiatric disorders. Bacterial infections such as Lyme disease (even if the patient has no memory of a tick bite), certain viruses, parasites, molds, and others can cause brain dysfunction including mood swings, memory problems, anxiety, etc. – that can often be improved by treating the underlying infection. Many doctors don’t even look for this cause of brain dysfunction, and if they do, they don’t know how to treat it, or dismiss it. At the OBC, we know how to test you for these problems and can either treat you here or refer you to the right place.

Toxins such as lead and mercury are known to cause brain dysfunction. At the OBC, we have the specialized training to know how to test patients for these issues, and how to treat them. Amalgam dental fillings, vaccines, and seafood are common sources of mercury toxicity, and lead is in our environment everywhere. Attention problems such as ADD are often linked to this, and so are memory problems. Treating heavy metal toxicity can improve brain function in many patients.

Overall, having the right comprehensive biochemical assessment and treatment can make a huge difference in a patient’s optimal brain function, and works synergistically to improve the effect of every other treatment intervention!

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